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Important Tips for Choosing the Right Diamond Jewellery for your Partner

Important Tips for Choosing the Right Diamond Jewellery for your Partner

Diamonds are precious stones and it takes ages for a diamond to get created. Diamonds come into being when there is pressure on coal and most of them come from mines where they have been sitting for centuries.Most are found in igneous rocks and sometimes are carried away due to erosion by water. Today diamonds can also be made synthetically in a controlled environment, but it doesn’t make them any less significant.

Jewellery is a form of expression and it adds to one’s style and look. Humans were wearing jewellery even before they wore clothes. Some of the oldest jewellery pieces were found in the site of Krapina and neck pieces made of snails and ostrich shell beads were found in Israel and Kenya respectively. Jewellery has been around for a long time, around 75000 years. From gemstones to precious metals it has found expression in many forms. Jewellery is worn to look good or sometimes it may have more meaning. Think a wedding band’s significance or a piece passed down generations. Women love jewellery and it seems to be rewarding in an intrinsic way. It may also reflect what type of woman one is. Not to mention it may be a kind of investment that also makes a woman look good. Jewellery has durability and longevity and will never be of less value.

Diamonds have been coveted over the years, for example, the Kohinoor and the Blue Hope have fascinating stories around them. But, we feel you should know important tips about choosing the right diamond jewellery.

choosing the right diamond jewellery
Choosing the Right Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery is quite popular among women. Whether it is a solitaire ring or diamond studs, they are <a href=””><strong>good diamond gift ideas for women</strong></a> and women in turn love having the stone on them. Diamonds are rare stones, making them precious and expensive. Like some other materials, diamonds don’t fade or lose their charm, making them extra precious and desired. Many wedding rings and engagement rings for women have diamonds in it. They may be large stones or small princess cut pieces. We can see how much diamond rings are preferred by women through the sale of wedding rings. Many have stones and of those, a high number are diamond rings. Very few go for other stones or simple bands in case of rings for women. Another favourite piece among women are the <strong>sapphire engagement rings</strong>. Ever since Kate Middleton sported one on her finger, they are all the rage now.

But enough on that. This article is about choosing the perfect piece of diamond jewellery for your wife or girlfriend. There are a few pieces like marquise cut diamond earrings or pear shape diamond pendant that will be loved by most women.If you have been thinking “what to gift my wife in anniversary?” then read on to find out the tips for choosing the right diamond jewellery, specifically a ring, but you can also use it as a guide to buying general diamond jewellery.

1- The first step in getting a piece of diamond jewellery is to decide on the diamonds to be used. The diamond can be round, pear-shaped, emerald or princess cut.

2- After the shape, you need to see the carat that you want along with the cut and polish of the stone. The prices vary depending on what you choose.

3- Then comes the clarity of the diamond you want. Check with the jewellers and sample a few pieces before you choose one if you aren’t aware of the clarity factor.

4- The other thing that one needs to think about, especially if you believe in astrology is, can buying diamond have negative implication. Diamonds are often used in engagement and wedding rings as they symbolise affection. However, as per astrology, a diamond may not suit everyone. It is said that Scorpio, Aries and Pisces zodiac signs shouldn’t wear diamonds. If you are buying one, then you must think – will a diamond suit my sunsign? Libras and Virgos can wear diamonds, provided certain other conditions are met. These conditions are to do with the position of Venus in a natal chart. It is said that diamonds, if worn under certain auspices can bring in luck and success but if worn incorrectly can cause misfortune.

5- Another one for those who follow astrology is that certain zodiac signs have their own gemstone.The lucky gem for Leos is a ruby while for a Virgo, it is emerald.Capricorn and Aquarius can wear diamonds with blue sapphire and hence a sapphire engagement ring would be a good choice.

6- The next thing you need to figure out is the setting and the metal to be used. There are different types of settings available like halo, side stone, pave, three stone, channel and tension. Each of these types are patterns of a ring and when the stone is set, will add to the beauty of the piece.

7- After the setting, you also need to choose the base metal. You can take your pick from gold, platinum, rose gold or white gold. You can choose this on the basis of what your partner likes most. For example, my mother prefers pure gold, as it has a good resale value and Indians love their gold.

8- You can also check if the jeweller handles diamond certification a sit will mean less work for you. Choose a jeweller that offers variety and guides you through pure and impure diamond comparison along with what each characteristic of a diamond would mean.

9- Next, consider your budget, tends and statements that you want for your price and then decide on it.

10- You can have other tips for choosing the right diamond jewellery like looking for a good jeweller and sitting with them to get the best diamonds etc.

If you are in London, then you will find some of the best diamond jewellers in Hatton Garden. You can find engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond earring and bracelets in attractive designs and prices at Hatton Garden. Be it a round halo brilliant-cut vintage engagement ring, a pear halo engagement ring, Dizzy heart shape diamond pendant or claw set diamond bracelets, all of them could be great gift ideas for honeymoon.

Found a Vintage Engagement ring in Hatton Garden for my Grandmother

Found a Vintage Engagement ring in Hatton Garden for my Grandmother

My grandmother was in her eighties and suffering from ailments that come with age. She was losing weight and sometimes wouldn’t recognise people. Even now she wouldn’t hesitate to give you a piece of her mind if she felt so. However, she was always the life of the party wherever she went. No one could beat her if “macarena” came up and she would dance like a different person had entered her frail body. My grams was the boss when it came to having fun and I loved it when she was in her element. But, this story is about how I found an exact replica of vintage engagement ring in Hatton Garden which was the final symbol of her love for my Grandfather.

Growing up I remember spending a lot of time with her. We would make cookies, well mostly her, I would just polish off the cookie dough, as a 5-year-old. She would take me to her garden, and I would pick out strawberries and tomatoes for the salad we would make. I also remember her defending me when I was up to no good. And soon I realised this came to me from her. Grams was a prankster and I saw her getting away with things just because she was a “little old lady”.

My grandmother still wore her engagement ring along with her wedding ring. It was a vintage piece that she loved a lot. It was also something gramps had given her for the first time and she never took it off her finger, even after gramps passed. It was an old-fashioned ring with a large diamond in the centre and two more small diamonds on each side of it. One day when I went to visit her, I found her harrowed and irritable only to find out that she had lost her engagement ring. We looked everywhere and she couldn’t remember where she had seen it last. I told her that evening that I would find it for her.

I searched for vendors for Vintage Engagement ring in Hatton Garden and asked around for the best vintage jewellery shop in London. I wanted to see her happy and now she was sad that her most precious ring wasn’t to be found. After looking through antique jewellery shops in London, I made my way to Hatton garden, the jewellery hub.

Vintage Engagement ring in Hatton Garden

A friend of mine had found her Vintage Engagement ring in Hatton Garden and I finally made it there, instead of just searching online. I entered a shop named Flawless Fine Jewellery and saw that they had quite a collection of vintage rings. I discussed with the owner that I needed an exact replica of a vintage ring and was looking for custom jewellery for engagement. I had a picture of the ring that I shared. The ring had a distinct colour and I didn’t know which metal was used. But the moment I gave the picture he figured it out that it was a mix of rose gold and platinum. I was impressed with his knowledge and placed an order for the replica with him.

Many choose to buy readymade rings as it is easier, but custom jewellery is always designed as per what you want. With a custom piece, you know that your ring will always be unique as there are no similar designs being sold in the market. It is an exclusive piece just for you. My grandfather also had the ring made especially for my grandmother; a way to show his devotion towards her. Custom jewellery can make memorable jewellery gift items for your special someone.

A week later I went back to check on the order. The owner brought out the ring and I was speechless. The ring looked exactly like the one my grams had. I had found the replica of the Vintage Engagement ring in Hatton Garden and I was so excited to bring it to my grams. I thanked the owner. I had it made in Flawless Fine Jewellery, one of the best jewellers in Hatton Garden, London.

The next day I took the ring to my grams. She was not doing so well and had to rest most of the day. Her nurse let me in, and I found her snoozing on the couch in front of the television. I gently woke her up and said: “Grams, look what I found?” Her face lit up as she asked “What?” And I placed the ring in the palm of her hand. Her reaction was priceless. First, there was shock, followed by awe and then pure happiness. She laughed and whooped and then put on the ring on her finger. She smiled a lot that day and gave me plenty of hugs for finding her ring.

That was the last time I saw her coherent before she passed. The next time I saw her, she was in hospice and I knew what was coming. When I entered her room, she seemed lost, but when her eyes landed on me, I could see clarity in her eyes. She called me to her bed. I sat down near her and she displayed her fingers for me. I am surprised when I see two engagement rings on her hand. “I found the old one,” she says. I look down guilty. But she pushes my chin up to meet her eyes and speaks, “Thank you for making my last days happier. Had I not found the ring..that is had you not given me the ring I would have been sad that I lost my husband’s first gift to me. They found it when I was being brought to the hospice. It was in my spectacle case. Thank you for caring enough.”

I smile and hold her hand and tell her how much I love her. She passed away that night in her sleep. I know that the ring was like her lifeline. She would wear it and keep looking at it to remember gramps. I cannot thank the jewellers enough for making my grams smile again.

Gifts have always been important in any relationship and it makes the bond special. My gramps made the ring for grams as a custom piece and she loved it her whole life. It was a reminder of his love, of the times they had stood together. This ring was a <strong>memorable jewellery gift item</strong> and I was so glad to find the <strong>Vintage Engagement ring in Hatton Garden</strong> when I did.

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