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Why Are Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings So Popular?

Why Are Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings So Popular?

Halo engagement rings are one of the most recognizable and popular engagement ring designs in the world. While it’s often called tacky, old or even overdone, there’s no denying its incredible popularity as an engagement ring. A halo engagement ring usually has a circle of diamonds that surround a much larger stone that is often raised off the main body of the ring.

Although popular, there’s no denying that the traditional design could be improved. This is where the hidden halo engagement ring comes in. This is a modern interpretation of the old halo engagement ring that adds a few unique touches to the legendary design. So here’s a brief article on why it’s becoming more popular and why you should consider choosing a hidden halo engagement ring.

Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Hidden halos work with any diamond shape
The hidden halo works with any kind of diamond shape. This is because it doesn’t have a border of diamonds around it, meaning the shape doesn’t need to be completely symmetrical. You can have an oddly-shaped diamond or a pear-shaped one and still get the benefits of a hidden halo.

Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

2. You can mix different types of metals
Mixing metals can be a little tricky for an engagement ring. With a hidden halo engagement ring, the halo itself can actually be a completely different metal to the main body. This allows you to add a touch of color to the ring for a unique contrast, or you can use a completely different kind of metal to personalize your engagement ring and make it stand out.

3. It can make your main diamond appear larger
Perhaps the most noticeable difference between a regular halo diamond engagement ring and a hidden one is the appearance of the main diamond itself. Regular halo diamond rings will surround the stone with a border of diamonds, but a hidden one is often placed around the lower edges of the stone. This raises the diamond off the main ring, making it appear larger due to the raised platform.

This makes it a great choice if you want to show off the appearance of the diamond a little more. It also makes the ring more interesting to look at from the sides.

4. They’re priced similarly
If you’re concerned about the price of a relatively modern take on the traditional halo ring, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s still around the same price of a regular halo diamond engagement ring. So if you’re looking to purchase a unique engagement ring, there’s no additional investment required and it’ll stand out from most of the engagement rings out there.

A hidden halo diamond engagement ring is a wonderful gift for your significant other. Why not do something a little different and break the traditional trend of halo diamond engagement rings?

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