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Best Hatton Garden Jewellers

At Flawless Fine Jewellery, we ensure each customer walks away with more than just a quality piece that fits their expectations. As the best Hatton Garden jewellers, we make sure that they do so at a competitive price, and with the kind of customer service that makes every journey as easy as it can possibly be.

We are passionate about helping all our customers choose or design the perfect diamond rings and jewellery to suit their needs. Here’s a little about how we do that.

Engagement Rings

With Flawless Fine Jewellery, we ensure that your engagement ring meets your every need by giving you the opportunity to design it yourself. You can pick your diamond down to the finest details of cut, carat, colour, and clarity, or narrow it down by a particular shape you want or price range that fits your budget. We’re sure to have the selection that meets your every desire.

From there, you can customise the band and fitting, too, choosing the material, colour, and shape to ensure you end up with precisely the design that you want.

Wedding Rings

As with our engagement rings, our wedding rings are widely customisable, so you can choose both the style you want and which diamond fits it best. Our selection includes both women’s and men’s rings, so if you’re aiming for a match, we can help you find it without issue.

We’ve been a London, Hatton Garden based jeweller helping brides and grooms pick their perfect pieces since 2011, with a reputation for masterfully crafted bespoke rings, matching both classic and contemporary tastes.

Diamond Jewellery

Beyond our engagement and wedding rings, we also have a wide range of diamond jewellery, pairing our high-quality stones with gorgeous designs and other stones (including emerald and sapphire). We have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, all of gold, white gold, platinum, and more, so that no matter your style, you’re destined to find something that fits.

Our team brings over 20 years of experience in designing and creating jewellery, as well as sourcing the finest quality of gems to make sure that you end up with a piece that exudes class and style.

Furthermore, we do all we can, working with suppliers across the world to find the diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals that we use in the most cost-effective manner possible. As such, we can ensure competitive prices but without sacrifice quality even a little.

What Flawless Fine stands for

Flawless Fine Jewellery is a team of master gemologists and goldsmiths, working tirelessly to elevate the art of diamond jewellery and to ensure that all of our worldwide customers have a reliable source for high-quality, fairly priced work.

From our signature diamond jewellery collection to the bespoke ring creation process, we aim for your satisfaction above all else at all times. Here are a few ways we do just that:

  • We provide high-quality jewellery that is made to fit your exact specifications, with the option to choose any diamond you wish and apply it to any ring design that you wish.
  • We find and list every single one of our available diamonds so you can see their quality, from the 4 Cs to their certification. That way, you know exactly what kind of quality you end up with.
  • When our store is open, our team is also available to support you online. You can reach us without delay if you ever need help through your jewellery selection or creation journey.
  • We are guided by the belief that high-quality bespoke jewellery should be available to everyone, so we ensure it through fair, competitive pricing.

What being a Flawless Fine customer means

Besides accessing a selection of high-quality, fairly priced diamond jewellery, being a Flawless Fine customer means being prized as a fellow appreciator of fine jewellery. As such, we offer not just support, but complete transparency on the products that you’re ordering.

We offer both certified and non-certified diamonds, clearly labelling them as such. Furthermore, our Education page has a host of resources so you can better understand the gemstones we sell, in the same terms that we advertise and list them.

To us, an educated customer is the best kind, as it means we can rest easy knowing you get exactly the kind of product you expect.

Get in touch with the Best Hatton Garden Jewellers today

Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring, wedding band, some high-quality diamonds, or excellently designed jewellery, Flawless Fine is here to help. You can reach us online or call us on 020 7404 8306.