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Hatton Garden Jewellers

Hatton Garden

The Nations Highest Regarded And Most Renowned Jewellery District

For centuries, the area of Hatton Garden has been able to become today,

a prestigious diamond sanctuary.

What the public don’t know, is that Hatton garden is not just a place to shop but an experience to endure. A historic reputation that serves for the purposes of

love, luxury & beauty.

…the three reasons that also drive people to visit..

Hatton Garden’s Historic Triumph

The Royal Beginning

Hatton Garden has royal roots stretching back to the area for when time of the notable Sir Christopher Hatton! Who in 1581 was gifted the ownership, completing his lease of Ely Place from Elizabeth I.

Sir Christopher Hatton was a politician and close advisor to the Queen who gained acknowledgment from his knighthood and appointment as Lord Chancellor, rumours traveled across the hierarchy that he also was (supposedly) the queen’s lover!

The gifted property featured a beautiful garden that, eventually, branded the street and surrounding area of Hatton Garden. A successful man, Sir Hatton accumulated great wealth and in the years to come built a magnificent house to contend Hampton Court, Holdenly Palace near Northampton. His name lives on in what is today known as London’s Jewellery Quarter, Hatton Garden.

Hatton Garden’s Development

Hatton Garden’s association with the jewellery trade dates also back close to Medieval London, when particular crafts and industries clustered around specific neighbourhoods to ease production and trade. The Hatton family began to sell parts of their Ely estate, allowing for wealthy merchants and businesses. London at this point was confined to the square mile City of London, and Hatton Garden became the reputable destination for trusted professionals and quality craftsmanship.

Hatton Garden Today

While many of London’s original districts have been lost to development, failing industries and change.. Hatton Garden has remained the heart of the nations jewellery trade. With over seventy jewellery shops and nearly three-hundred jewellery businesses, it is still the largest jewellery quarter in the country. Pulling visitors globally for its expert craftsmanship and detailed knowledge of all things jewellery.

In recent years, the creativity of Hatton Garden has flourished as media and publishing companies have snuggled between workshops and nearby offices, contributing to the hustle of the community. The presence of creative industries has driven the continuation of the lively Leather Lane Market, which now welcomes (round the corner) some of the city’s best street food! Also in recent years, stylish bars and plenty of choices for a great night out. A great place to start is the stunning Bleeding Heart bar on Greville street and Sir Christopher Hatton Pub which is dedicated to the man that started it all.

Despite Hatton Garden’s stride into the Twenty-First Century. History flows around every corner cobbled street and Medieval yards. The Ye Olde Mitre, The old Mitre is in an alley between Hatton Garden and Ely Place, being one of the oldest Pub’s in london.

The Jewellery Sanctuary

We have discovered there is much to do in the distinguished area of Hatton Garden aside from shopping for diamonds and other precious jewellery. The Garden attracts all walks of life, from those who frequent diamond-buying to individuals seeking once-in-a-lifetime engagement rings and special keepsakes.

Being the nationals choice for jewellery, it always occurs to people who are new to the occasional visit, that also have done a lot of research from TripAdvisor, Google etc, still don’t know what to expect when traveling to the heart of the jewellery industry. Lets conclude with a few assurances and advantages for shopping in Hatton Garden that you may only find from word of mouth or the review you spent twenty minutes trying to find.

Great Value:

The Garden holds many advantages which consists of dealing with great competitive rates of diamonds, buying pre-owned jewellery and exchanging once beloved jewellery. This causes Hatton Garden to save a lot more money for the public, making it more affordable.

Hatton Garden is a place where to shop for a bargain and remember, haggling is no stranger within the community.

The Choices:

Hatton Garden boasting the largest diamond jewellery market in London. This creates a healthy competitive atmosphere, the decisions are always yours.

To add, every jeweller in the trade loves being part of your Hatton Garden experience. the uniqueness of each jeweller you will have to see for yourself.

The Quality:

When traveling to Hatton Garden in comparison to Bond Street jewellery district (for example), the value of the jewellery becomes affordable for many and the quality stays the same. When it comes to Bond Street, you’ll be not just purchasing the jewellery but also the name. Chanel, Bouchon, Tiffany, Graff, Cartier etc. Hatton Garden on the other hand, has the matching traits to Bond street while offering at a competitive price.