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GIA Diamond

GIA Diamond

Whether you’re engagement ring shopping or you’ve just been looking for a new jewellery piece, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the term “GIA certified diamond” before. This is something that many people simply don’t fully understand. The Hatton Garden Diamond Group is a proud supplier of GIA diamonds. But what exactly does GIA certified mean? Here is some of the most important information regarding what the term means as well as why it’s important.

gia diamond

What is the GIA?

GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America. This is a non-profit institute dedicated to research and education in the field of gemology and jewellery arts.

What is a GIA diamond?

This type of diamond has been graded by GIA. GIA examines the diamond and assesses its quality based on the 4Cs. These are colour, clarity, cut, and carat.

Are all diamonds GIA certified?

No. If you want to be sure that your diamond is GIA graded then the best thing that you can do is to speak to your jeweller. That way you can be sure that you’re always happy with your purchases.

Why is it important that a diamond is GIA certified?

Simply put, if you’re going to be spending the amount of money that many of us do on something like an engagement ring, you want it to be sure that it is the highest possible quality. A GIA graded diamond gives you the security to know that you’re getting the best quality for the money that you’re spending. Not only that but many insurance companies require a GIA grading report before they are willing to insure your ring.

Is there any bias in GIA grading?

The GIA is an unbiased organisation that focuses purely on the objective quality of a diamond.

How do you get a diamond GIA graded?

Most of the time, submission for GIA grading is performed by your jeweller thanks to the complexities that come with packaging and insuring a diamond for inspection. However, it is possible to submit a diamond of GIA grading yourself.

Please remember that GIA diamond grading reports can only be provided for unmounted stones so the diamond will need to be removed from its setting before being sent for analysis.

Are GIA diamonds more expensive?

GIA diamonds can be more expensive simply because of their quality has been tested and authenticated. They aren’t necessarily more expensive, but they are often worth the extra money simply because you can be sure of their quality.

Can GIA identify where the diamond was mined?

GIA performs analysis of many diamonds in their rough form directly from the mine. This means that they can identify the country of origin. However, a GIA Diamond Grading Report is not the same thing as a GIA Diamond Origin Report.

Why is it important to know a diamond’s origin?

The ethical sourcing of diamonds is an incredibly important thing for consumers and for the Hatton Garden Diamond group. Knowing a diamond’s origin allows you to be sure that it was sourced ethically and that there has been no damage done to the origin country’s local communities.

Wedding Tips

Wedding tips from an award-winning wedding planner

Mr Flavour is known throughout the UK for our robust and comprehensive bespoke weddings.  Ali is the head wedding planner for Mr Flavour company and has planned weddings nationwide & internationally.  Mr Flavour offer comprehensive wedding planning services aiding couples from the moment they get engaged to the moment they leave for their honeymoon.

In this blog we give our top 5 tips for couples planning their wedding and don’t know how to start, where to look at first or are feeling a bit overwhelmed and would like a little reassurance.

Tip 1: How to work out your total wedding budget?

Don’t worry you are not alone!  Many of our couples come to us and have no clue where to start, how much things cost, what the total cost will be, how to create the look they want. My first consultation with couples who feel like this involves breaking it down to simple easy steps:- Remember why you are getting married, now tell me what’s important to the both of you? What do you need the most help on?  Those obvious questions actually lead onto where the couples priorities are for the big day.  Regular answers include:

  • “It’s important all our family and friends are there to celebrate it with us.”
  • “I’ve always’s wanted a XXXX type of wedding”
  • “How I look is most important to me”

All these factors need to be considered when designing your budget allocation.  I tend to ask the couple to pick their 3 biggest priorities from the following list:



Wedding Dress, hair & makeup

Décor & Lighting


Rentals & Linen

Photography & Videography




Cake & Desserts

These 11 factors pretty much cover 90% of all weddings, so pick a number for each one of them, tally up and hey presto, you have a rough total wedding budget.

The real fun part is maximising that budget to squeeze in as much as possible for the big day!

Tip 2:  Personalise your food & drinks

I feel its important to add touches of your personality onto your wedding day and your food& drinks provide a great way of adding them in. Foodwise, pick your favourite cuisine or elements of your fav dishes and make everyone aware on your menu boards or stationery. Drinks wise, previously we have created such a range with our mobile bar hire packages being customised to include wedding logo, wedding cocktails and much more.

Cocktails are a great way to show off your personality, look into cocktail bar hire packages and see how you can customise your menu with your favourite cocktails or using ingredients that may be in the season of your wedding or preferred to you and your guests.

Tip 3: Delegate your close ones roles on your big day

The last thing you want to do is be involved in the setup, running and breakdown of your wedding. You will be way too busy and after your investment into your special day, you need to make that time away from saving to creating your memories.  Therefore delegate roles, your friends and family will be there to help.  Set roles for people for things like, take gifts home, pickup guests who have no transport, put out wedding name cards, setup wedding cake, be point of contact for suppliers and much more.

Tip 4: See what you can squeeze out of your venue

If you have chosen a wedding venue as your wedding choice, probability is that they host a number of weddings throughout the year. Use this to your advantage, ask them if they have anything in-house that you can use rather than have to source. Many venues will have their own tables & chairs, linen, glassware, wedding postbox, stage, A boards and much more.

Ask your venue manager, what is included in your package, what inventory they hold and what can they throw in for you.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so don’t be shy to ask!

Tip 5: Polish your jewellery before the big day

This one is more for the brides, especially the ones who have been engaged for a while.  It is your big day so make sure you look flawless alongside your jewellery.  You have paid a wedding photographer to take great shots of you so make sure your diamonds are reflecting and sparkling to their maximum potential.  Buy some jewellery polish, give your valuables a good buffing and make sure they look fantastic in your wedding photos!

The wedding planning process can be stressful and time taking, but it is also rewarding and provides a sense of achievement.  Your patience will be tested but remember the primary aim, it is the most important day of your life so taking a little stress is more than normal. For more wedding planning related tips, check out Mr Flavour and our wedding resources.

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