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The Top 10 Engagement Ring Designs of 2018

By Mikael Samiloff  |  12th March 2019

Whether you’re single, in the market for an engagement ring, or already have one of your own, we know how hard it is feeding your curiosity and self-indulgence at gazing in the search for beautiful engagement rings online.Having that in mind, we have the chance to share the top 10, in no particular order, the most popular and trending engagement rings in 2019 so far!
Now that’s something to indulge in!Pavé: Meaning “paved”.noun, a setting of precious stones placed so closely together that no metal shows.

Round Brilliant set in a single Cushion Halo Pavé setting

Adding an extra Halo to the stunning design is also a popular choice

Round Brilliant is the industries favourite and well loved diamond. Being of course the diamond that sparkles the most. That said, this design has flourished for the past year, gaining more attention than any other tradition design where . This is due to its creative cocktail mix. Creating the best of both worlds choices, housing the peoples favourite diamond.

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Round Solitaire

We cannot be too surprised can we?

To see that the world’s known famous love symbol and timeless design is still one of the highest ever ranking designs to date. The first to accomplish the meaning behind using a ring to represent the love and commitment. Its simplicity and elegance creates the perfect amount of attention that gets drawn to the centre stone.

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Pear-Shape Halo

The Pear shape has its way with the public.

A unique hybrid, the pear shape combines the round brilliant and marquise cuts to form a tapered teardrop. First popular in the 18th century, the pear shape was said to represent tears of joy. The halo for the pear shape creates an appearance of elegance, adding more beauty..

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Oval Halo

Romantic and distinctive. The smooth feminine curves of the oval are beautifully complemented by the parvé stones that are encircling the centre diamond. A modified brilliant cut, oval diamonds sparkle exquisitely in a unique, elongated shape.

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Round Brilliant with Pear Shape shoulders

A very beautiful, elegant, yet subtle design that features a classic round brilliant centre stone, set between two pear-shaped diamonds. This design expresses itself in many different forms to the owners that fall in love for it. The round diamond centre draws you while the pears establish this design with subtly, balance and fluentness, creating exceptional significance for the whole ring.

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Round Brilliant set in a Pavé Setting

A stunning simplicity that marks the pavé collection, designed with perfect proportions and a refined setting that lifts the diamond up to the light with a journey of beautiful stones leading up to it. This creation takes pride in introducing more brilliance, creating a beautiful accent for your centre diamond. This design is for those who love how the solitaire’s elegance drives its attention to the centre stone but would want to add the right amount of life and extra attention too more than just the centre stone.

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Emerald-cut set in a Pavé setting

Emerald-cut diamonds stand out because of their concentric rows of parallel rectangular facets and elongated shape. Having to be set in a pavé setting executes the beauty and enhances its attraction to the viewers as the Emerald-cut gleams with timeless sophistication. The lighting is gathered and mirrored throughout the design, resulting in an unrivaled display of brilliance

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Round Trilogy

A symbolic engagement ring that features a shared setting to provide the highest possible level of radiance. Traditionally, the trilogy symbolise a couple’s past, present, and future, which makes this ring style a perfect choice for those who are planning to propose to a truly romantic. Blending emotional significance with a promise of eternal love.

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Cushion Double Halo set in a Pavé setting

A touch of elegance and glamour with this stunning design as it features a Cushion Cut centre accompanied and encircled by round pavé set diamonds. A classic style for decades that entices anyone who is looking to show off the definition of what glamour truly means with introducing a continuous two row pavé setting that follows down the ring.

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Emerald Trilogy

A classic and elegant trio that again doubles the exposure of Emeralds concentric rows of parallel rectangular facets and elongated shapes. Like you have seen on the other trilogy rings, this beautiful piece if for those to embrace their romantic side and have symbolic means behind this timeless engagement ring.

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