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The top 8 Engagement Ring styles for 2021

In the twilight of 2020, we all looked back on what was one hefty year, and (without holding our breath) we peer towards this new year, hopeful for better and brighter days to come. More than ever are we looking towards those who have really helped us pull-through each day, each night…and these are exactly the kind of thoughts that can you lead right here, the solitary search for that perfect proposal ring. Showing up to your partner and marking your commitment to each other with an engagement or promise ring is a tradition that will never go out of style, but the particular trending Jewellery designs of these rings have been ever evolving, and each year there are some that simply shiner brighter than all the others, so we took it upon ourselves to explore glittering landscape of the engagement ring scene for weeks pinpoint these beauties for the new year.

So, if you’re feeling that 2021 is THE year you will light up the eyes of your someone special with a little (or a lot of) sparkle, our team here at Flawless Fine Jewellery are rather excited to be guiding you into a new season of styles. While a few surprising ‘something new’ designs have popped up for those with a more ‘minimal’ mind. Equally as enthralling are the ‘something old’ styles making a delightful comeback, scroll onwards and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some unique twists on the time-tested traditional. Welcome to the dazzling collection of the top 8 engagement ring trends of 2021.


  1. The Always and Forever Solitaire


There is a beauty found only in simplicity and if we had to put that in a ring it would be the ever-faithful solitaire ring setting. With the sleekness of minimalism making a comeback in more than one area of life it makes sense that the Solitaire setting is right in the centre of things. This is a choice for those who want an element of ‘timeless’ to the trend. The stunning simplicity of this design allows you to commit more of your budget towards the centre diamond -or- other gemstone (more on this later) but do not mistake simple and clean for dull or lack-lustre, there are plentiful ways to add your own personal twist to this design by using a ‘floating diamond’ setting, having a tapered band or our own personal favourite, a Hidden-Halo (more details on this later) This classic style is rising amongst the many glimmering choices, with round and oval cut stones being the more preferred option over the more dramatic cuts of the Asscher or Marquise.


  1. Everything Emerald, from gleaming green stones to the Emerald Cut itself.


There is no doubt about it, Emeralds just scream luxury. While ‘Emerald cuts’ flaunt their elongated chiselled step cuts and linear facets, it’s all glamour from here on out. There is a very particular appeal to an Emerald evoking a combination of gentle green hues with all the glitz of the Gatsby era Art Deco styles. Need we say more? Choosing an emerald cut is a design choice made to show off the flawless nature of the stone, whether it be a diamond or an Emerald gemstone itself. There would be no erring on the side of caution by choosing to mount one of these (emeralds) in a distinctive spilt shank band (this setting itself is predicted to roar this year). After-all there is a good reason Beyoncé herself dons this style as her engagement ring, and like the brilliant lady herself…what’s not to love!

Although we might add, that including emeralds in your engagement ring does not mean you have to commit entirely to the elegant rectangular shape. You can use emeralds in halo, or our little-big secret choice of a ‘Hidden Halo’, or by adding that glint of green as a gallery detail (set just beneath the centre-stone). while you can always have the option of keeping emeralds in mind for another day (hello, eternity rings) by adding a stunning yellow gold band studded with micro pave diamonds. We (and the rest of the world) would whole heartedly support any of these choices.


  1. The Stunning Sapphire, you are something blue, though this is far from new.


The truth is, some things just never really go out of fashion, which is an element to look for in an engagement ring (a little nod to love-eternal). This recent sapphire streak is largely thanks to ‘The Crown’ and we know we are just over-the-moon to see this night-sky-coloured stones re-emerge as proposal favourite. Coloured gemstones will always make an engagement ring a uniquely personal choice (extra points if your girl has a September birthday!). The allure of this stone still mesmerises both new admirers and long-time owners like the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton (Need we have to mention the iconic Princess Diana’s ring) or the unforgettable vintage European cut diamond surrounded by 16 Calibre cut blue Sapphires and delightful diamond petals belonging to Mary-Kate Olsen. Sapphires and flowers seem to have a strong affinity as a delicate diamond petal halo also surrounds the oval cut sapphire given to Penelope Cruz on her engagement.  With everything said and done there is just something about the serene depth of a sapphire that makes it a truly timeless choice, filled with old-world romance and royalty.


  1. Oval cuts, obviously. 


You might have already noticed the exquisite Oval-cut reappearing in all their brilliance across bridal magazines and on the fingers of the newly engaged (we are looking at you Jasmine Tookes). It seems this trend is only getting trendier. An Oval-cut diamond (or coloured gemstone as per mentioned earlier) is for those who love a classical vibe while also seeking an element of individuality. While this unique cut can stand strong alone on a minimal and sleek band of glowing yellow gold or if you vibe with all the gorgeousness that is Blake Lively; you could choose a pink gold band, a hue that superbly complimented her light pink Oval-cut diamond engagement ring. The Oval-cut can feel both elegant and bold with the elongated shape of the Oval aligning with the finger creating a slender like effect. By adding a few cheeky tweaks, you can personalise it by using a 3-stone setting (up next!) or a Hidden-Halo beneath the centre-stone, keeping your timeless treasure cool and contemporary- not to mention glistening from all angles. We couldn’t end without saying that Oval cuts can also give the illusion of the diamond being a lot larger than its actual carat size, in short, they are the obvious choice for those who really want to go ALL out in making 2021 the sparkling beginning to your new level of commitment with sapphire engagement rings.



  1. Trilogy Engagement Rings, fearlessly fine and always flawless. 


Just in case you are as in-love with all the gemstone options as you are with your soon to be proposed-too. The dazzle of Diamonds and sultry sleekness of Sapphires, the glint of Emeralds, you name it, the lot. you want them all. But fear-less, we have got you covered, remember that 3-stone ring that sat almost silent and gentle upon your mother (or grandmothers) wedding finger? for it has made a glowing return. Although we always love working with you to add a couple of tapered Baguette-Cut gemstones to dress up your centre-stone, this newer edition of a trilogy-stone ring seeks out a little more bling with 3 larger stones set together. Some designs are mixing it up with alternative cuts for a real personality statement, and we know, it really is hard to choose. So, for this engagement ring trend our little Flawless team in Hatton Garden have (quite literally) set our hearts on the uncompromising shimmer of the Heart-Cut diamond as a side stone choice. With the iconic Heart-cut “French tips” magnifying an already brilliant cut, you could not get more sparkle in one fine engagement ring. Turn that idea on its head by choosing a centre piece Heart-Cut diamond (or sapphire, your pick!) paired with…wait for it, two delicate Pear-cut gemstones set horizontally for a balancing effect.

P.s we also LOVE Pear-Cut diamonds styled in a solitaire if you’re seeking out a little simpler than what this trilogy-stone setting offers.


  1. Vintage Inspired and old-world Engagement rings, both delicate and ornate. 


All throughout last year, the world-wide lockdowns pinched us in more ways than one. Many of us sought to repurpose elements of our lives, keeping those truly valuable possessions close to our hearts and this definitely includes jewellery. In the engagement ring industry, especially when it comes to bespoke designs, it is not uncommon for engagement ring stones to be repurposed from family heirloom pieces. whether they are from actual rings or other items of fine jewellery that have been passed down through generations. Re-creating with these gemstones and heritage design elements adds extra sentiment to what will already become a priceless piece of jewellery to the to-be engaged couple.
This rediscovering of Vintage and Antique styles is a much subtler trend marked by using detailed embellishments like miniature circlets of pearls (or seed pearls), ring settings of fine filigree with intricate halos merging into delicate mil-grain work on the band. Now that does sound like a love story. Else wise it can be seen in the way the centre-stone itself is cut, like the understated wonder that is Lily Collins Rose-Cut Diamond engagement ring. Lily’s (newly engaged-to) fiancé Charlie McDowell had her ring custom made in a bezel setting which created a quartz-like effect in the diamond, with a little less sparkle that is typical to a diamond but a lot more translucent luminosity. This distinctive choice made it very attuned to the way old style antique engagement rings where once cut, with the graceful ‘flatness’ of the Rose-cut looking a lot larger than its actual size, we see this trend being well on its way to becoming an iconic one. Even to buyers who do not (yet) own any heirloom pieces, with this trend- you very soon will!


  1. Glowing down the yellow-brick-gold.


Sometimes a trend can be as simple as the hue of gold that surrounds your chosen centre-piece stone and this one has timeless quality with a classical feel. All things considered, the trending path of yellow gold will definitely lead you into the great ‘Emerald city’ (otherwise known as Flawless Fine Jewellery boutique) but in all seriousness, yellow gold isn’t going anywhere soon. In-fact it is just getting started and it knows exactly how to brighten up your day and any engagement ring you choose. We especially love it with Emeralds (go figure, point 2.) because the rich warmth of the yellow gold balances the cooler hues of green. Equally it really makes the glistening clarity of a diamond pop and shimmer ever-so, which is one of the reasons why it was a mainstay in engagement rings before it ever fell out of trend. This choice worked so wonderfully in Meghan Markle’s Trilogy engagement ring (chosen because it was her favourite) which has helped along the resurgence of yellow gold over the paler metals available. The glow of yellow gold has the added perk of really being able to compliment all skin colours, from chocolate brown and black to olives tones and ivory. And if you’re not convinced yet, our Flawless team has a few ideas on how to add even just a touch of yellow gold to your engagement ring. Did we just hear hidden halo again?


  1. The Hidden-Halo Effect.  


There is a VERY good reason we kept this one for last, although we may of let it slip a few times throughout this 2021 trend exploration. Hidden-Halos, they are the ultimate upscale to your ring choice. So, what do we mean by ‘hidden’ exactly, it is a halo band of Diamonds (or coloured gemstone) placed as a feature accent just below the centre-stone, making any traditional style veer towards unconventional? It is sparkle where you least expect it. Almost as if it is a little piece of your engagement ring that is for you, and you are alone. Choosing to add a Hidden-Halo allows you to keep your ring style minimal and clean from face up, and all sparkle when you take a second glance. you can start by selecting a unique cut, a glittering Pear-Cut Diamond or perhaps the simplicity of the Emerald-Cuts mirrors like glimmers speak to you more. Either of these could be a seemingly simple solitaire but combine it with a hidden-halo and you’ve got 3 of this year’s trends in one, without over doing it. We love to share our jeweller’s secrets here in Hatton Garden, and we just can’t get over this absolutely darling design element. It will keep your engagement ring stunning throughout the ages, which is the ultimate goal for a ring you will ware for the rest of your days. Refined, elegant and brimming with the romance of Diamonds.