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Blue Sapphire Engagement rings | Hatton Garden | London

The brilliant blue sapphire stones have long been used as a part of jewellery because of their striking appearance. People in ancient Greece, particularly those belonging to the royal families, believed that the sapphire protected them from harm and attracted positivity and blessings. Today, the sapphire stone continues to enjoy the popularity that it did several years ago and maybe even more. Check out our amazing collection of Sapphire Engagement Rings at Hatton Garden, London, UK.

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  • sapphire engagement rings hatton garden

    0.40ct Round Blue Sapphire Trilogy Engagement Ring

    £ 1,875 (ex VAT)
  • sapphire engagement rings hatton garden

    0.99ct Round Blue Sapphire Trilogy Engagement Ring

    £ 1,950 (ex VAT)
  • Blue Sapphire Toi Et Moi Halo Engagement Ring

    £ 2,000 (ex VAT)
  • Light Blue Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring- 1.00ct

    Light Blue Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring- 1.00ct

    £ 2,850 (ex VAT)
  • sapphire engagement rings london
    sapphire engagement rings hatton garden

    10ct Emerald Cut Lab Grown Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

    £ 3,450 (ex VAT)
  • Sapphire engagement rings

    Oval Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring- 1.70ct

    £ 3,450 (ex VAT)
  • Oval Peach Sapphire 2.2ct Halo Engagement Ring In Rose Gold

    £ 3,450 (ex VAT)
  • sapphire rings Hatton garden

    1.75ct Oval Blue Sapphire Trilogy Engagement Ring

    £ 3,455 (ex VAT)
  • Asscher Sapphire Trilogy- 1.00ct

    £ 4,150 (ex VAT)
  • sapphire rings London

    3.00 Carat Oval Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

    £ 7,850 (ex VAT)

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires stones are mined in India, Australia, Madagascar and Myanmar today. The most commonly found sapphire stones have a royal blue colour but sapphire stones having purple, brown, pink and orange hues also exist. Since, rings made of coloured gemstones became popular among the crowd, the blue sapphire engagement rings became a crowd favourite especially after Prince Charles proposed marriage to Princess Diana with a sapphire diamond ring. We have a good collection of diamond sapphire engagement rings sold online or in store at Hatton Garden, London, UK.
The reason why people prefer sapphire diamond rings is because sapphires and diamonds make a very unique combination. While diamonds are known to signify everlasting love, sapphires are believed to bring good luck in a marriage and stand for sincerity and faithfulness. The message that this combination conveys is heartfelt and meaningful, especially for two people who are in love with each other. Additionally, the combination of sapphires and diamonds makes the ring distinctive and special. The simplicity of the shiny colourless diamonds along with the dazzling royal blue of the sapphire is something that will definitely catch your eye and stand out in the crowd.
There are several ring designs that combine diamonds and sapphires, the most popular one being the design that is currently worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. The ring contains a central sapphire surrounded by a halo of colourless diamonds. However, sapphires and diamonds can successfully complement each other when put together in other ring designs. A sapphire diamond ring can be great choice if you are looking for something edgy yet chic.

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