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Custom Diamond Pendant Designed Exclusively For Her

Guy Proposing To Girl Near Ocean

What better way to please the woman in your life than with a bespoke custom diamond pendant? As the old belief goes, diamonds are indeed a lady’s best friend. But little do men know, who usually write the cheque towards these exquisite accessories, is where to buy them. Hatton Garden, London, is known as the diamond district of the United Kingdom. Customers from around the world walk this street with their significant others and make shiny commitments of a lifetime. This place has a plethora of retail outlets and trade-only businesses that can help you and your lover choose the perfect diamond to mark your occasion. Though, purchasing a diamond is pride in itself for many, but for the ones who have a keen eye, this is just the right place.

The Latest Diamond Jewellery Trend
The latest trend in the diamond jewellery market is a custom diamond pendant. A custom piece of jewellery at Hatton Garden represents not only the love but the effort one has put to creatively represent their love for one another. These handcrafted pieces are designed by world renowned artists making each piece as unique as their thoughts. The process of getting one for yourself or your loved one is simply discussing your requirement with the diamond artist. These artist upon listening to your requirements develop an exclusive design for you that best represents your idea of love. After design approvals you can allow them to handcraft your jewellery. Even during the crafting process, there is thorough ability for intervention from the client to ensure that the shape or form is as they desired. A mili-inch here or there can be a big loss for the artist as well as the customers satisfaction. One of the best Hatton Garden Jewellers for custom diamond pendant is Flawless Fine Jewellery. The Flawless Fine family has been in the business for over a decade. Being an apprentice of over 5 years each, they learned all the secrets of making the best handcrafted jewellery. Today, they run a successful business of creating bespoke diamond jewellery for their elite clientele. Their clientele includes businessmen, celebrities and many global artists who want to voice their opinion with this piece of rock.

Large Custom Designed Diamond Ring Laying Down

Take Your Time, Buy Online
If travelling to London or Hatton gardens is not on the charts, you can also buy custom diamond jewellery online. Unlike yesteryears, buying jewellery online is now a safe and transparent process. One can simply select the sign they like or request to create one from the artist. The payment is usually given half at the time of placing an order and the rest afterwards to ensure that both parties feel safe while indulging in this online process. The best part about buying jewellery online is that the available designs help you visualise and narrate your requirement effectively to the diamond artist. You can actually refer to an available piece and ask them to either customise the same or create a new one for you. If you like an existing piece, you can add your choice of elements to make it more appealing. Some like to add a gold rim around their rock. This gold can either be white, yellow or rose. If you like a coloured rock, you can add an element of shine by opting for multiple transparent rocks like a border around it. When creating the border, you can define the shape of the frame as per your liking. This combination works the best when you wear it as a sole piece of accessory around your neck. The latest trend in making custom diamond pendant is combining coloured rocks on a pendant inside a gold rim. You can wear it on a plain gold chain that works brilliantly as a casual diamond accessory around your neck on work wear or a weekend with your girls. Just like drop earrings, the pear-shaped rock is also quite in demand amongst the younger clads. Apart from designing the whole suit around your rock, you can now actually select the primitive shape of your rock. It can be the regular round or pear. But if you are into redefining diamond fashion, you can ask for your own cut. It can be a triangle, oblong, rectangular or hexagon, however you like it! These pieces look the best in a substantial size; visible on your collar bone or an engagement ring. These big rocks come with high prices and precision cut that shall attract a lot of attention from your peers then on to your bank account.

So Many Diamond Options
The best thing about diamonds is that men find pride in gifting one to their lovers. If you are male reading this article, you can now buy genuine diamond jewellery from Hatton Gardens without actually visiting the place. There are many local artists who have set online shops that provide absolute transparency regarding the Karats, cuts and other essential information one needs to know while purchasing diamonds. Artists from Flawless Fine Jewellery showcase their latest collection online to allow their global customers to make a wise choice when it comes to designs for pendants. You can also directly order a custom diamond pendant for a gift online from the manufacturers like Flawless Fine Jewellery, who offer a great price and a wider collection as compared to retailers from Hatton garden. This works out in your favour when you intend to buy in bulk. There are many occasions when people consider this. One of the most common one being weddings. Some people like to buy rocks from the manufacturers and get their local artist to work on designs. This process helps them keep a close eye on the exact creative outcome to avoid last minute hiccups of online shopping. When you buy in bulk from a manufacturer, they provide exclusive service of delivering your product at your doorstep. They have a crew of couriers who can carry your package legally and deliver it wherever you require. The packaging is also tasteful allowing you to either re-use it or use a custom one. Some diamond artist also invests their creativity on designing good looking packages to avoid the hassle for their customers of re-packaging.

So what are you thinking now? Go ahead and discuss your requirements with one of the artists from Flawless Fine Jewellery and let her get surprised with your idea.