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Impress your Wife with these Custom Diamond Jewellery by Flawless Fine

The most important part of being in a relationship is to remember dates. Be it remembering the most important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries or some trivial ones like the first time you’ll held hands in public. As petty as it may sound, remembering these dates has a massive impact on the health of a relationship. It is not always the task of a women to remember and cherish these days to mark the success of her relationship but also men’s. But as men are not as efficient multi-tasking as women, they often fall prey to forgetfulness. They cannot handle the pressures at work and simultaneously ensure that their relationship is on stable ground. Therefore, it takes a little more effort that putting jotting a date in Google Calendar to showcase their love to their partners. If at all you have missed any important dates our idea of custom diamond Jewellery designed by Flawless Fine can help you.

custom diamond jewellery by Flawless Fine

If you happen to be struggling in a situation wherein you have forgotten one such important date in your relationship, there are better ways to apologise than just texting a sorry. Wine and dine is a passé and as women are getting smarter, your apology needs to be bigger. One of the best ways to highlight your remorse is by gifting your wife custom diamond jewellery by Flawless Fine Jewellers. A diamond always brings a smile on a woman’s face and what really matters is the kind of diamond you want to gift that best represents your sincerity. Here are a few pieces that can impress your wife and help her accept your apology faster;


A solitaire says a million words that even your mind cannot interpret when it falls in the sight of a woman. If you happen to be in London, then this is the best gift for wife from Hatton Garden jewellers who are known to create some of the most iconic pieces in the world. It is no surprise to spot a celebrity or two when you make a visit to one of these shops here. They are known to have high end great craftsmanship and assured quality that will not only please your better half but also give you a definite value on your purchase.


A tension setting is one wherein the gemstone pops from its base. It is placed by pressure against the traditional methods of bezel or mounting. When you buy a custom diamond jewellery by Flawless Fine, you can be rest assured that the placement will be rock solid. It will stay intact in its settings on days for those glorious dinners or just a random pool party. This is the best gift for a wife who has surpassed her birthday a week ago and you remembered it today. The bigger the stone, the stronger the apology.


if you want to add sparkle back in your marriage after forgetting your anniversary, you need to impress your wife by gifting her a pave. As the French call it, ‘Pa-Vay’ these are tiny shiny stones closely set together to give an impression of a continuous stone. At Flawless Fine custom diamond jewellery, you can choose from a wide range of settings that best suits the personality of your wife. If she is the naive one, a beautiful floral setting that fades in the edges will be a perfect match. If she the passionate one, a combination of small stones set on white gold in a broad band shall embrace her personality.


As the name suggests, it is not for your vintage wife but a structure that highlights the old era on designing. If you are looking for budget gifts at Hatton Garden, you can grab hold of your grandmother’s ring and hand it over to the diamond artisans at Flawless Fine. When it is handed back to you, you will be nothing but astonished to see how new and trendy the same old ring looks. The same effects can also be followed on your wife.

Channel Set

When you plan to buy a custom diamond jewellery by Flawless Fine Jewellery, you must consider their exclusive Channel Set. A channel set is wherein small gemstones, be it diamonds or other precious stones, are set between a channel of two metals rims. These rims form the base of the ring. As suggested by expert, a channel setting best works for gifting when given in white gold set with zircon and diamonds.


A halo is a close brother of a solitaire. If you happen to miss your wife’s birthday, you can opt for quarter carat diamond surrounded by mini gemstones to give it the halo effect. But if you have forgotten your wife’s mother’s birthday, you must buy a half carat stone to rectify your mistake. Though, there is no guarantee whether the stone will heal the sufferings but will surely ensure a temporary relief.

Side Stone
A side stone is a perfect engagement ring given by couples to one another across the world. But for you to showcase the grandeur of your apology for missing out your engagement anniversary, you can rewind to your proposal days and gift your lovely wife a side stoned engagement ring to rekindle the threatened romance. If visiting Hatton Garden is not on the charts, you can now buy anniversary or birthday jewellery online London to save you time for the other arrangements.
Three Stone
One of the best Hatton garden jewellers for bulk gifts are Flawless Fine Jewellery. Celebrities buy gemstones in bulk at great costs. The best part is apart from the affordability of buying stones in bulk, you can also request the expert eye of a craftsman to help you design your piece. This setting works well when we would like to impress our wife with a unique piece of three stone jewellery without spending too much.
If you plan a celebratory holiday in London, you must visit anniversary gift jewellers at Hatton garden. This please is a great amalgamation of retail stores laded with diamond craftsman and manufacturers who give a great price for your selected gemstones. If you intend to impress your wife with a piece a rock as a token of appreciation, you must visit this place to explore their collection.
One of the best custom fine jewellery by Flawless Fine Jewellery at Hatton Garden is the eternity ring. From celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Emma Watson to royalties such as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, they all have been here to get their share of eternity rings.

With these top custom design ideas, you will be able to not only impress your wife but sweep her off her feet.