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J.Lo’s Engagement ring how much is it worth


With the recent news of J.lo and A.rod officially announcing their engagement to the world and the picture of her huge Emerald Cut Diamond ring breaking the internet we decided to shed some light on the types of rings seen on the fingers of the rich and famous, starting with soon to be Mrs A.rod herself Jennifer Lopez.

The latest in line of rings to adorn her finger. J.Lo posted a picture of her sporting what seems to be a 15 carat Emerald Cut solitaire ring, which we can assume to be a platinum band. We can also assume that a ring like this set A.rod back anywhere from 1.5 to 3 million Dollars depending on the quality of the stone. Quality is determined by the 4 c’s cut, carat, clarity and colour. Likely to have been purchased from a high-end retailer like Graff or Cartier.

While this is the latest and definitely the largest ring she has received her past stones haven’t been anything to smirk at either, with her 6.5 carat pink diamond from Harry Winston bought for her by Ben Affleck costing him $ 2.5 million which completely changed the trend of coloured diamonds in engagement rings and meant that all of a sudden every girl wanted a different colour diamond to match J.Lo’s.

Her other notable engagement ring was from latino music artist Marc Anthony who bought her an 8.5 carat Blue diamond also from Harry Winston which is believed to have set him back $4 million!

Being the most recent of her engagement rings it’s not surprising that the internet is abuzz with gossip about J.Lo’s latest ring. Looking at the past rocks to adorn her ring finger and how Ben Affleck’s offering to the J.Lo rings of engagement sparked controversy in the jewellery industry back in 2002 without mediums to spread the news like E! Or TMZ existing on the web. So the next big question is how this will the affect the jewellery industry; will we see an influx in the purchase of Emerald Cut Rings as women scramble to be like J.Lo again or will the Round Brilliant continue to reign supreme as the Queen of Diamonds.