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Jewellery Gifts?

At Flawless Fine Jewellery our prerogative is making sure that all of our clients receive the best quality jewellery and service possible. Being based in Hatton Garden, we understand how daunting it can be finding jewellery gifts for someone when you’re unsure about what you are looking for, especially when it’s your first time. This buyers guide has been curated to make the process of buying jewellery a simpler experience, so that you can be sure that you’ve made the right choice for that special someone.




When you first think about gifting someone a piece of luxury jewellery, earrings will always be one of the first things that springs to mind. 9 out of 10 women own at least one pair of earrings. Why? Because they are the most simplistic, yet stylish form of jewellery available. Earrings come in a few different styles, most of which can be worn on an everyday basis without being too obtrusive or distracting. Having such a variety of options that can suit any occasion are what make earrings such a perfect gift. Whether worn to a gala or a day in the office earrings will always make an appearance!




These are the quintessential earring design that every woman and their mother possess. This is for one simple reason, they are classics! Have you ever seen an ugly pair of stud earrings? Probably not. The simplistic nature of four claws holding a beautiful diamond is one of the most understated, and best ways to accessorise. In terms of styles, when it comes to stud earrings you can customise every single thing to suit the occasion and the recipient’s preference. From the style of setting to the size of the diamond the possibilities are endless.




These are the younger sister of stud earrings, they have been around for less time, but their popularity has only increased in recent years. However due to the fact that hoops have begun to rise in popularity, new styles and designs have emerged and gained a lot of traction. For example, diamond set hoops with either round diamonds or princess cuts have been sported by the likes of Selena Gomez, the Hadid sisters and the Kardashian family. Within this design of diamond set hoop earrings a few alterations can be made in terms of style. If you desire casual night out, a channel setting (metal holding either side of the diamonds in a row) adds subtle class to the earrings. However, if your partner wants to draw attention to her earrings, a micro set pair which puts the diamonds fully on show would be most appropriate. Then there is the pave setting (this looks akin to a honeycomb setting with each diamond having a few smaller claws holding each diamond, it allows for more diamonds to be embedded within the earrings) which is the most flamboyant style. These sparkle endlessly in a well-lit room due to there being more diamonds to refract the light.




These are the final style of earrings we will be highlighting. Easily the most extravagant in terms of design, drop earrings can be worn in many different scenarios but fit in best at the finer occasions. A few examples of these are: weddings, a loved one’s celebration (e.g., a birthday, a work party or an award ceremony) or even valentine’s day. Drops are most suited to these situations because of their intricate, yet understated designs. The intricate nature of drop earrings means that more changes can be made, compared with their counterparts. However, this lends itself to helping solidify the extravagant nature of drop earrings.


The different designs of drop earrings are as follows: the traditional drop features a singular diamond held in either a claw or rub over setting (the side of the diamond is surrounded by metal, akin to a channel setting but for a single stone) which is connected to the stem via either a chain (of varying length), or a singular loop.

Another design is a line of graduated descending diamonds, which again can be made in micro or rub over settings. This style is more noticeable due to the increased amount of diamond, making these earrings a great statement piece at social events. (warning!! May inspire feelings of jealousy in those around you)




Pendants are the fraternal twins of earrings; they’ve been around for just as long and just like earrings; a majority of women own at least one pendant. Slightly different from earrings though, pendants make a great present for babies or young children as well. In some cultures, women do not own a pair of earrings until their early teens, whereas due to their painless nature this is not the case for pendants. Most women would characterize a pendant as a staple wardrobe piece. You can change the design and style to fit any occasion and help tie together an outfit.


Unlike earrings, pendants are not set out into strict categories. Instead, they are described by their key features.


Solitaire Pendants


Is the style in which a singular stone is held in a simple setting putting the whole focus on that stone. Solitaire pendants are a great everyday piece which can be paired together with any outfit, on any occasion.


Halo Pendants


Consisting of a centre stone, surrounded by smaller accompanying stones to help compliment and show off the centre stone. This style of pendant is slightly more ostentatious than the solitaire style, meaning they do not tend to be worn day to day but go perfectly at most social gatherings as the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful black dress.


Cluster Pendants


They are very similar in execution to the halo style, as they feature multiple stones all housed in one setting. The main difference between the two however, is that where a halo contains one larger centre stone with smaller stones surrounding it, clusters can contain multiple stones all varying in size and oriental around the setting. This helps the cluster style to draw the eye and potentially be more attention grabbing than the halo style. Due to the cluster styles unique nature, they are more suited to celebratory and higher-class events, however as with all jewellery they can be worn at the owner’s discretion.


Bespoke Pendants


These are outside of the normal styles of pendants as they are created on a commission basis. These designs can range from a diamond set crucifix or heart, to a locket which holds the picture of a loved one. Due to their rare nature these pieces can be worn completely at the owner’s discretion and fit very well when layered with a secondary piece or when completing a set like a pair of matching earrings.


Due to most women owning a variety of pendants and earrings, pairing pieces can help to elevate one’s ensemble to a new level! An example of this for everyday practice would be wearing a beautiful solitaire pendant that contains a round brilliant cut diamond, which matches her round brilliant cut stud earrings.




Classic and Sophisticated here are so many varieties of bracelets on the market now, that finding the right one for you can be a feat. The word bracelet is an umbrella term which covers a wide range of categories.



Pearl Bracelets


They are the most popular sub-category of beaded gemstone bracelets. Due to said popularity and unique nature. We have decided to focus on them individually. Much like diamond tennis bracelets, pearl bracelets are a classic staple of most jewellery collections and has been so for centuries. They’re sophisticated and very elegant. A pearl bracelet goes with all outfits and suits most occasions. Because of the typically neutral pale whitish colour of traditional pearls, pearl bracelets blend well with any outfit. If you’re thinking that a pearl bracelet is old-fashioned, think again. Designers are getting creative with pearls by using a variety of different types and colours and setting them in unique ways to make pearl jewellery modern and chic.



Diamond Tennis Bracelets


These are the quintessential and most sophisticated option for a diamond bracelet, they are an excellent choice for any occasion. Whether it’s for the red carpet or a dinner with the in-laws, tennis bracelets blend in well with any outfit. The diamond line bracelet is the classic type of tennis bracelet, featuring a string of diamonds going around the circumference of your wrist. While there are gemstone tennis bracelets as well which are increasing in popularity, the ones featuring diamonds remain the most popular.



At Flawless Fine Jewellery, our constant innovation allows our clients to visit our showroom in Hatton Garden, and collaborate with us in creating one-of-a-kind pieces fit for any celebration of your choice. Whether you wish to gift your partner a pair of bespoke diamond stud earrings for valentine’s day or give your mother a beautiful pair of diamond set hoop earrings to congratulate her on her 50th birthday. We have an inexhaustible supply of designs limited only by your imagination.