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Top 10 Jewellery Designs Preferred by Celebrities in London

Hatton Garden is world renowned diamond district. Elite’s of the world travel to this destination to find a perfect piece of rock for themselves or their loved one. Hatton Garden was named after Queen Elizabeth I favourite noble, Sir Christopher Hatton. This place has over 300 businesses and 55 retail shops to help you choose the perfect diamond accessory for your special someone. One of the most iconic showrooms is Flawless Fine Jewellery. This store has artisans with over 20 years of experience in crafting unique pieces. People prefer to showcase their personality with latest jewellery designs and that is why we brought here the top Jewellery Designs Preferred by Celebrities in London which you can also buy.

Jewellery designs preferred by celebrities

Each piece represents a special occasion for a special someone. The jewelleries by Flawless Fine Jewellery is adored by celebrities. Therefore, they are known to serve many of the top-rated celebrities who like a rock to represent their peculiar personalities. One of the most unique things about this shop is that the designs that are created for celebrities can also be looked upon to gain inspiration. Some of the latest requests for high class celebrities that set trend in the diamond market are listed below.

One of the top jewellery designs preferred by celebrities is bog hoops. Thanks to Jennifer Lopez in her iconic video of ‘Love don’t cost a thing’ these hoops earned their fame as the coolest beach wear that ever was. You can customise these hoops at Flawless Fine Jewellery with either studded diamonds or plain gold with radium. Hoops are great for a quick switch over from a long workday to an impromptu road trip. All women must own hoops in their loves as their never fail to add chic to their personality.

Studs have always been a sign of royalty. Be it the Queen of England herself or the newly wedded Meghan Markle, they all their own styles to wear the iconic studs. This is one of the best custom jewellery for celebrities as creating these can be quite easy with an instant turn around compared to other pieces. When it comes to customising you can always rely on a piece of solitaire to add to your star-studded personality or a mixture of multiple rocks in a classic round stud always proves to be a stunner.

Drops have been the choice of red carpet for many years. It complements the off-shoulder dresses and accentuates the neck by adding a level of sleekness to it. One of most demanded high-end jewellery at Hatton Garden is the drops earrings. Celebrities like Jennifer Garner has been seen carrying the classic solitaire with dangling emeralds in her premiers. The latest trend in drop earrings as set by the new-age star, Emma Watson, is to wear two different drop earrings in each ear.

When it comes to quirky jewellery designs preferred by celebrities, vintage always vouches to rock the look. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus has been seen wearing her mother’s huge rose gold earrings at her live shows over skimpy 90’s aerobic workout costume. Well, thanks to Miley, these earrings earned their fame back and are now a part of the catalogue for many iconic brands such as Gucci and Channel.

The latest trend in diamond jewellery is the Halo rings. These rings are a choice of many couples who come to claim their commitments on the counter of Flawless Fine Jewellery at Hatton Garden. This high budget jewellery at Hatton Garden was first witnessed at the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton took the Halo accessories from the ‘what jewellery celebrities wear’ to ‘must have in your collection’.

Three Stones
When it comes to buying diamonds for celebrities, they don’t mind going a bit overboard. Who needs one rock to show your success and happiness to the world, when you can show it with three? Sophia Vergara declared her marriage with Joe Manganiello on national television by flaunting her three stoned diamond ring in 2015. And since then, there is no turning back for celebrities to add these stones to their happiness and their collection.

Multiple stones
One of most used work-wear jewellery designs preferred by celebrities such as models is a multiple stone accessory. It can be a chunky ring paired with a pair of denims and white shirt. Or a stud that goes on a summer dress. The best part about these accessories is that because of their colour combinations, you can wear it everyday without the fuss of matching your outfits to your accessories.

When you own a solitaire what better way to make it stand out even more by adding a border to it. The event of Met Gala is known to create some great looks and set trends for the upcoming generations. One of the latest one being bordered pieces of stone. Be it an emerald with a transparent diamond border in a drop set earrings as worn by Emma Stone. Or a chunky piece of ruby given a rose gold rim as worn by Kim Kardashian, these pieces are set to revolutionise the accessory market.

Eternity rings
Be it celebrating an anniversary or marking the arrival of a little one, celebrities surely know how to own the moment. Blake Lively wears an eternity band to showcase her pure love for her husband, as pure as the piece of rock she wears on her wedding ring. Duchess of Cambridge still wear her engagement band along with the wedding one to show her eternal commitment to royalty and Prince Charles.

Gold mixtures
Rihanna is known to create the perfect combination of boho meets chic midway when it comes to accessorising. She has been seen wearing different types of gold bracelets and bangles together in one hand to create a universal trend. As there are many types of gold available in the market, you can opt for the colour of your choice. With colour also comes the purity, therefore you must decide whether you want to a chic piece to add to your sparkling personality or add something to your vintage account and pass it on to your next generation.

So, the next time you head to Flawless Fine Jewellery, ask an artist to help you create your own unique style from the inspirations you gathered here.