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What To Say When You Propose

Proposing is one of the most emotional and profound moments in your life. It is where you lay your heart out to your love and hope that they will return your feelings. While the ring is essential, what you say is the real magic of the moment.

So what should you say when you propose?

Plan Ahead
Given the emotional nature of your proposal, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Lots of people get tongue-tied in the moment but if you have a good idea of what you want to say, you can, at least, recover and carry on!

Start by jotting down a few notes or bullet points that you want to cover. Don’t be tempted to write and memorize a whole speech, though. Allow the moment to be organic and let your other half talk too if they want to. This is a shared moment, not a dramatic scene!

You should also think about the location at this point. If you are going to be in a loud, crowded restaurant, short and sweet is probably the best course. However, if you have chosen a more intimate, quiet space, you will have more time to express your true feelings.

Add Personal Details
Any engagement speech should always include personal details, otherwise you could be asking anyone to marry you! Expressing how your life has changed since meeting your other half is a good place to start.

There is a certain vulnerability to proposing so don’t be afraid to get into the deep stuff, even if you only touch on it. This is what will make your proposal as unique as your relationship.

Sometimes, trying to say everything all in one go is difficult so you might want to keep things brief and write a letter instead. This might sound like a cop-out but actually, receiving a love letter that you can cherish is a beautiful thing.

Reminisce and Look Ahead
If you’re feeling stuck about where to begin, it is always worth looking back to the beginning. Describing how you met and how it made you feel is a good start – even if it wasn’t love at first sight. Recounting the good times you’ve had and the milestones you’ve already reached will also help you get into your stride.

Looking ahead will also help you build-up to the big question. What do you see in your future together? What are you looking forward to? What are your plans? All of these things show that you aren’t asking for the sake of it, you have really thought about your proposal.

So now all you have to do is ask…

Pop the Big Question
There aren’t many variations on the question, ‘will you marry me’, so don’t worry about creating an original way of asking this big question.

‘Will you marry me?’ is the perfect accompaniment to revealing the engagement ring you have picked out and showing your intentions. Once your partner sees the ring, no matter how tongue-tied you got, they will know exactly what you mean.

Good luck!